Friday, 4 April 2008

A Truly Specail Friend!

This post won't mean a lot to everyone, except one particular lady, but I needed to let her know how much I appreciate her friendship and kindness!

On Tuesday, while I was out I missed a package been delivered!!! I kinda knew what it might of been as I was expecting something to arrive! As I wouldn't have the car till Friday I rang the Post Office and got them to deliver the package to the local post office for 50p!!! I collected the package this afternoon when I finished school, (glad now I got them to re-deliver as I was at school all day to day, and wouldn't of been able to get the package till Monday). The package was huge, so it wasn't what I was expecting!!! Couldn't wait to get home and open it to see what it was!!!

OMG, I am actually totally speechless on how to thank this wonderful friend that I have made! It is what I was expecting but a whole lot more included!!! Best 50p I ever spent! Inside there were soooo many papers all beautiful, all I can say is THANK YOU!!! but what really got to me was, she included two little packs one for Chloe and one for Aimee, the girls were absolutely thrilled, so was I!!! Beautiful papers, ribbons, card, brads, flowers, 3d foam pads, etc.
They had better keep them under lock and key or I might be "borrowing". LOL

Honey you know who you are, THANK YOU SO MUCH, what a wonderful surprise!! The other things you included are perfect!!!!