Saturday, 25 August 2007

10 Second Studio Demo Day!


Spent a fab day at Paper Paradise Studio today!
Linda Brown from LB Crafts done a demo day! What incredible work she has created. Linda started by showing us all how to use the metal tools, and what tricks we could use. Just before we broke for lunch Linda asked us all to write our initial down, she then went on to create our initial for us in a piece of foil.
After lunch we all had a go ourselves, it looks so fiddly and intricate, but once you get started it is quite easy and fun to do!!
We each made a tag, with punch out daisy's, black dabbers, a piece of card and that was it! The results were fantastic.

Once again Thank You Sue and Paul for bringing such a fabulous demonstrator as Linda Brown, to Grimsby to show us her incredible work.

Here is the tag that I made:-

Here is the initial that Linda made:-

Bye for now!!