Saturday, 19 July 2008

Little Shop Of Horrors!

Do ya remember it, I certainly do!!!! Chloe's school put on a production of this yesterday night and tonight. I went to tonights production and I really enjoyed it, the kids put on a fantastic show!

Loads of credit has to go to their music teacher, as they have put all this together in 12 weeks!!!!

Chloe didn't have a big part (none of the year 7's did the main cast was made of the higher years) she played one of the homeless people outside the shop!

Here are some shots that I manged to get, I so hate trying to get photos in this type of light! Oh to be a professional photographer with the £1,000's worth of gear!!!! LOL

And now I can't stop singing ....

Little shop,
Little shoppa horrors.
Little shop,
Little shoppa terror.
Call a cop.
Little shoppa horrors.
No, oh, oh, no-oh! .....


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