Saturday, 13 February 2010

Happy Birthday to Tracey and Running With Scissors

I was invited to attend Tracey's surprise birthday party today at the shop!!! Some of the ladies that attend Tracey's classes reguraly were busy little bees arranging a party for Tracey!!!! They did a fantastic job, lots of wonderful decorations, wine and champagne, food and sweet yummy things!!! Well done ladies!!! Due to Steve working this Saturday I couldn't help at all, as it wouldn't of been fair on Aimee, imagine having to stay "good" all that time!!! We went in the afternoon once Tracey's classes had finished and she was as good as gold!!!

Tracey also took over the shop a year ago tomorrow!!!

So I want to wish Tracey a fantastic birthday and Running with Scissors with being a year old tomorrow. Congradutlations on a year of running the shop, with hopefully lots and lots of years to come!

I didn't take any photos, but Aimee did so here are some of the photos that she took!!!

Tracey and Me! A very rare photo, one with me in it!!!!

Tracey and Aimee (Too much champagne, Tracey?? lol)

The wonderful balloon decoration called Buster!!!

Aimee messing around with some of the decorations!