Friday, 18 July 2008

Another Proud Mum moment!!

Aimee received a school merit today!!!! Children get this award every term. Their teacher will pick 2 children from the class, who they think deserves this award!!!!

Luckily I knew this was happening but I didn't tell Aimee, she didn't even question when her photo was taken for the award! The look on her face was priceless when her name was called, it was a "Who Me?" sort of look!

The children receive the award from a special guest that the school invites in, the last award assembly I was at, the special guest was the last head teacher!!!! The special guest this term was Miss Jacomb is retiring after 35 years of teaching this summer.

Miss Jacomb is also the teacher who has helped me thorough my studies and was so wonderful in letting me take over her class for observations and tasks the course needed me to do!! Aimee receiving the award from Miss Jacomb was a little more special for me!

The head teacher read out what Aimee's teacher wrote about her, and the proud look on Aimee's face as she was talking was just fantastic!!!! I am so glad that I didn't tell her as the surprise was worth it!!!!

But d'oh I left my camera at school today, and won't be able to get it back until Monday, so I don't know how my pictures have turned out!!!!!!

I am so proud of you Aimee, love mum xxxx