Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Make My Day Awards!

Phew!!!! I have managed to give out my 1o Make my day blog awards. I have chosen blogs that I visited reguarly when I first created my blog, and still visit. Might not always leave a comment, but love looking at what they are up to!
Here are my 10

Sam Q-Diggity Pencil Lines Deb Deb Lazy Kay Lynn's Random Ramblings
Hilda Feel Good Photos and Sea Breezes!


Sunday, 20 January 2008

Meeting Ben 19th Jan 08

We went to see Ben on Saturday 19Th. Here are a few photos of us girls meeting him! You forget how small they are!

Ben holding Aimee's finger!

This is my fav shot of the lot, even though all the others are fantastic, I just love shots like this! I am so gutted that I never thought of taking shots like this, just the traditional ones of the girls when they were babies! Since I started scrap booking my photography has improved even though there are still a lot of traditional shots, I am thinking more outside the box as well!!!

Thanks for looking!

Making cards On Firday 18th Jan 08

After I had tided up after the baking, I got the girls started on making their welcome Ben cards!
The girls picked out all the embellishments, inked and stamped, picked the ribbon, and signed the cards themselves. They were very proud of the cards! Here are the results!

Baking On Firday 18th Jan 08!

While Ruth was in hospital delivering Ben, I looked after Georgia! Originally Ruth was to be induced on Saturday and they were to drop Georgia off then. Aimee and me had the day planned out! Playing, baking and crafting, but like all babies Ben had other ideas! I kept both girls off of school, Georgia cause she was way too excited and there was no way Aimee was going to go when she knew Georgia was here! We started the with the girls making dens in their pj's. Then the phone went at about 12:00 pm, baby Ben was here! The girls ate their lunch. As Georgia's dad was going to pick her up in a couple of hours, it was all systems go with getting all the baking and crafting done. I pushed all the lunch things to one side and got them started baking. I think the photos tell the rest!!!









Saturday, 19 January 2008

Face Paints + Lots of Costumes =

Ruth invited us around for a fish and chip tea, once we had eaten the girls went to play in Georgia's room!!! Here is the result, got to love the imagination of children!!!

Quite happy with it, expect for the mermaid, when I was drawing her I left the pen on the page a touch too long, so she has got huge lips, LOL

The hardest part of this was sticking the sequins under the word Mermaid, thought I was going to go crazy, used Anita's Tacky Glue! Wanted the effect of fish scales. I think I manged it.

This layout actually took me 3 nights to complete, even though there isn't much on the page. The words took ages to draw in, and then the little hand drawn pictures took awhile, and my lovely sequins took forever!

I added some more smaller pics of the outfits the girls put together on the back of the journal tag!

There are more photos of the girls on Ruth's Blog, if you want to have a nosey!!!

I have entered it in two challenges
Doodle - Twist - Doodle your title, all the words on this page have been hand written along with all the little pictures.

Multi pic
There are 4 pics on the main page and a further 3 on the journal tag behind the main photo!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Not too happy with this!

The journaling reads:
First photos with your family, we had to wait an extra 2 weeks to meet you!

I have done this layout for a colour challenge with a twist!
To use 75% white and the twist 3 groups of 3!
To me there is a lot more white, than any colour. There are 3 flowers, with 3 brads and 3 bits of thread on the title!

I used Jo Sonja's background colour for underneath the overlay title, (I was too lazy to get my white acrylic paint out, its buried underneath so much stash!)

I then used opal dust on the 3 flowers just to add some bling, 2 heart flat clips, used my poky tool to poke 3 holes in the top overlay and thread 3 pieces of thread through, a name plaque for the date and 3 brads in the middle of the flowers!

Supply list
Papermania pink card stock
Flavia baby overlay and name plaque
Making memories Cheeky Flat Clips
Craft Accessories Brads
Jo Sonja's Background colour and opal dust
2 flowers stripped down form silk flowers
1 flower stripped from a hula necklace
And a black pen!

I can also include this in "We love flowers", challenge there is a twist in this as well, we had to alter the flowers. As I said above I painted opal dust on them!

I don't like how this layout turned out, it's one that will go in Aimee's album, but probably be redone at a later stage! Also is one of those that doesn't photograph well, too much shiny stuff!!!


Sunday, 13 January 2008

Mother Goose

We went to see Mother Goose pantomime on Saturday Afternoon! This company, I think the name is Merlin's Theatre Company, has only 2 actors and some puppets. We had been to see The Elves and the Shoemaker a few months before Christmas and Aimee loved it. It's amazing how 2 people can entertain a whole theatre full of children!!!

I manged to get a photo of Aimee and Mother Goose, her son Jack and Priscilla the Goose who laid the Golden Egg!

The puppets were a frog called Freddie, a fox called Foxy and a badger! The lady actress was Jack, and Fairy Crystal! She had 3 costume changes poor Jack, Fairy Crystal and rich Jack! The man actor was Mother Goose and Baron Badman he had 3 costume changes as well. The interaction between them and the children was fantastic. In some parts the children were too quick for the actors so they had to ad-lib a lot. Aimee's favourite was Jack, because he was very naughty and kept trying to get of work, saying silly things, making fun of Mother Goose and sticking out his tongue.

When they put on their next show, we will be there too at only £2.00 per ticket, what a fun way to spend an hour!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

I made these ATC's for my on-line friends that I am in contact reguarly as RAK's for Christmas!

Christmas Cards

These are the Christmas Cards that I made for friends and family!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Paper Bag Book!!

Before I go any further I have to give a huge thanks to Tracey, for letting me lift her book to complete my own, I was only going to take a few bits here and there but I totally ran out of time and more or less totally copied Tracey's book, sorry Tracey!!!!

I made this book for my SIL, Ruth as they are expecting there 2ND baby at the start of January and know that the baby is a boy! I meant to have this book done for Christmas, but I totally ran out of time! Ruth eventually got it a couple of days later! Sorry!!!

I had a roll of Kraft paper (brown wrapping paper) left over from a different challenge, and thought to myself, I should be able to make a paper bag book out of this!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!! Yes it might of saved me money, but no it didn't save my sanity!!!!!

I cut 6 pieces of paper folded them with a lip and used my mini sewing machine, I'm not the best at sewing straight lines, but I think the wonky lines give a bit of character, I then hand stitched down the center to bind it together! After that it was just a case of doing the pages, which I shamefully copied Tracey's design on most of them using my own materials!!!

I left all the tags and pages title free for Ruth to add what ever she wanted to them!!! I think she liked it, and for a first effort I am proud of it!!!

Unfortunately for my relatives they will be receiving a Paper Bag book for presents this year! Hehehe!


If you want to see Tracey's fantastic original book click here!

Altered Box

As I said in my last post, I altered a load of cds to make a book for my Aunt, I then altered a laundry tablet box to put the book into, as it would of been to award to wrap the way it was, so my Aunt can use this box for what ever she wishes and the cd book for a Christmas decoration!


Altered CD's

Some of you may recognise this from one of the entries to Paper Paradise's Crafty Individuals competition!! When I started this book, it was just for the competition, but as I was completing it I thought my Aunt would like it, as she likes traditional!

So when the competition was over I personalised it a little by adding Christmas feeling photos of the girls!

The way I made the book was got a load of old cds/dvds that don't work anymore! To get the straight edge I measured about 1 inch form the edge and drew a pencil line down! The scored it with my craft knife, heated it with my heat gun, removed the heat, and cut with a scissors, they don't crack! Then I covered them with papers! DH bought a normal paper binder in Lidl ages ago for under £20, so while he was at work I tried the cds in it to see if it would punch holes, it did!!! So I don't have to get the new bind it all machine, Hehehe!!! Then I have just inked and embellished!

TFL xxxx