Friday, 3 April 2009

Easter Bags!

Tomorrow, Friday will be my last day as Lunch Supervisor for the full time nursery children, I will be full time after Easter with a group of my own full time nursery children, Yeah!!!!

These 12 children have been such a pleasure to be with, always polite, smiling, loving and happy, always listen to what they are been told, do it straight away without be asked a 100 times, line up beautifully, walk into the class room sensibly!!! So I thought that I would make a little Easter goodie bag to say not good bye but to thank them for been such good children!!

I have included a chocolate sweet that I have made myself, well sort of, melted chocolate and put it into an Easter mould, a little choccie bar, and some mini eggs. I made a little Easter card with a little message inside for each of the children. And some Easter Confetti. All bagged up and tied with paper ribbon with a little name tag!

Quite time consuming, but with only 12 it was fine, until Aimee saw the little bags and asked if could make them for her school mates ... I said yeah sure Aims, nearly crying inside as there are 30 children in her class, well I could hardly make them for my 12 and not her friends, then she said oh and some for my teachers and the Mrs Pollard (headteacher), and my escort and my bus drivers, good grief I thought her list wasn't going to stop!!!!!

Then I thought what the hell, might as well make another 26 for the children in the class that I am based in! Again tomorrow will be the last time I will be with these children too, as come September they will be moving on to the next class ..... Oh and some real exciting news for me, last week out of the blue I was asked if I would consider going full time in September, and the best bit is that I am been made permanent I said ooh yes please!!!!

Anyways have to get back melting chocolate if I want all these done for tomorrow!!! BTW I will have made a total of 76 bags of treats, mad or what, lol!!!