Wednesday, 18 June 2008

BBC - Revamp goals

My goals were to
  • get more scrapbook pages done - check (I already have more done then I did last year)
  • Finish my college course early - check (finished a month ahead of time)
  • Sign up for the next level - check (I will start in September)
  • Get a dog - check (we got a West Highland Terrier)
  • Take more photos - check (Ya don't want to see my hard drive)
I really don't set a lot of goals for myself!!! To be honest I just made these up, lol. But these are things that I had thought about during the year!!!!!

I have this one goal:-

I want to train this Clematis to be a pillar, so when it is fully wound around the bamboo sticks it will look like a pillar, we are getting there!!!!