Friday, 16 April 2010

Captured Image!

The original idea is in The Craft Stamper magazine August issue page 23, and its a fairy captured in a jar!!!

I used a Bisto gravy granules jar for this image! Even though in the magazine she used shrink plastic for the image, I just used watercolour paper! I also used a flower that I got in a charity shop!

I cut a piece of fabric and stamped friends onto it using Tim Holtz Vintage photo,

tied some rosebud ribbon (from RWS) around it and hung a butterfly charm that I got off of a pair of jeans that Chloe bought, I swear she didn't want the charm anymore!!!!

a huge thanks to Tracey for taking these photos d'oh, I forgot!!!

I made this captured fairy for Tracey, and I think she is keeping it in the shop if you want to take a look at it!!!

I am also hosting a challenge over on RWS site:-

The challenge is to create a captured image (in the magazine she said to use shrink plastic, I didn't)!You can put whatever image you want into the jar, eg Magnolia's, Whiff of Joys, Sugar Nellie's, etc
Include some sort of "scene" eg, I have included a rose, you could have a little garden, an image sitting on a swing, fence, etc Whatever you can think up, just as long as the image isn't on its own!
Deadline for completed jars is Saturday 29th May, so you have over a month to complete!!!!
Please don't post any photos of your jars until you are asked to!!!

Open to everyone, just join up and be a member!

An impromptu photo session

Steve got some new photo equiment and grabbed Aimee to try it out!

The photos he got are fantastic, love them!!! These are just a few!

I know this isn't the most flattering shot, but I love the squished eye!!!!