Monday, 14 April 2008

Homemade Swirl!!!

I love all the bling swirls that are around at the moment, but none of them really said BUY ME to me, so I decided to make my own!!! To be honest I am proud of it!!!

First I used PSE5 brush to create my swirl, I then re-sized it to what I wanted!!! I knew where and how I was gonna use it!!! For my latest layout, I was using a printed acetate page! So I placed my printed swirl under the sheet and using Crystal Stickers, that I bought at my local LSS Paper Paradise, I followed the outline!!! This is a photo of it half done!!!

I changed the photo to b&w as it is easier to see and show what I was doing! I will be posting a photo of the page, when I can manage to photograph it properly I have had numerous attempts but none of them turned out right YET!!!!! Tooo much bling and glossy surfaces for it to photograph it right!!! Thanks for looking!!!!



Tracey said...

What a great technique - thanks for sharing this Helena, I have no idea how to create the swirls on the pc, but I do love the idea so I may just have to get learning on the puter lol

tonya said...

Very cool idea! Gotta try it.

LazyKay said...

Oh, Brill Idea - now that's one I WILL be 'lifting' (polite phrase for copying). Thanks for the demo.