Thursday, 27 May 2010

Chloe's Confirmation

I took Chloe, Aimee and myself to the hairdressers on Thursday at 3:00 to get our hair done, I got my hair straightened see below, and Aimee got two French Plaits and looked beautiful! A couple of months ago Chloe decided to take a scissors to her hair and do it herself! At first her hair looked okay, but as it grew it got worse! The problem was she cut some parts very short especially the sides! The hairdressers had to cut lots of the lenght of her hair so it wasn't mullet looking! Chloe was NOT HAPPY! Got home and had floods of tears, I HATE my hair, unfortunately for me I said, Well you won't be cutting your hair yourself again, oops!!! As the saying goes, if looks could kill!!! Anyways, we attacked with some gel and hairspray, and I must say we got it looking good! But by the time for the photos to come her hair started to fall!!!

On to the photos -

Mairead took this photo before the ceremony started

I have put in links if you wish to read further about Confirmation!

Parent (me obviously), Sponsor (Mairead) and Candidate (Chloe), had to stand up and go to the Pastoral candle. I had to light a smaller candle off of the Pastoral candle, it wouldn't light, I got it after 3 goes, ooh my nerves everyone watching me struggle, arggghhh!!! (Steve took the following photos)

The the sponsor and the candidate walked forwards to the Bishop,

Chloe gets to choose a Confirmation name. During the Catholic sacrament of Confirmation, God the Holy Spirit comes upon you to bestow numerous spiritual gifts and "confirm" the faith given you in Baptism when Original Sin was wiped away. You choose a Confirmation name before Confirmation. This new name, imposed by the bishop during Confirmation, becomes a part of your full name. It comes after your first and middle names and before the last name.

Chloe chose St Emalie, derived from St Emily, Born near Rodez, France, she became a nun at Maison St. Cyr when eighteen. In 1815 after much dissatisfaction, she decided that her vocation was in teaching poor children. With the approval of Abbe Marty, her spiritual adviser, and the aid of three young assistants, she began this work in her room at St. Cyr. This was the start of the Congregation of the Holy Family of Villefranche. It grew rapidly, establishing its own mother house and branches. In time, St Emily extended its activities to caring for unfortunate women, orphans and the aged. She saw thirty eight institutions established before she died. She was canonized in 1950. Feast date Sept. 19.

Here Chloe is receiving the special blessing!
And that is it she is now Confirmed!

Here is my wonderful soon to be sister-in-law, Mairead and Chloe!

Mairead, Chloe and my brother, John

And my two beautiful girls!

I have to say a huge thanks to Steve's family who came from Hull and York, had to sit to 2 hours of a ceremony and then head back home! I felt so guilty about not been able not to have a little celebration/party for the event because of the time, the ceremony was from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, they had a long drive home, work and children to see to for the next day!

Chloe got lots of beautiful gifts from her family, thank you so much!!!! And Aimee wasn't forgotten, she got some very pretty gifts which I also have to say a HUGE thanks!!!

It was very hectic at the end, Chloe was been pulled in lots of different directions and had only a couple of minutes with her Aunts and Uncles, so I didn't get any photos of them with Chloe!

Also thanks to Ruth and Georgia who also came, but disappeared before I could get photos of them with Chloe!

And worse of all we got no photos of our own little family!!!! D'oh!!!!!!

So very bad night for photos for us!!!!