Saturday, 21 June 2008

BBC - First day of summer

Was horrible, it rained!!!!! Got the kids and myself ready for school! Chloe to the bus and Aimee to her school, I came home and I ironed, Blah!!!!!! The got myself ready and went to work!!!! Ran around after kids for 3.5 hours! Aimee and myself walked home and managed to stay dry and not get wet!!!!!!

Chloe came home and she also managed to stay dry!!! Cooked dinner, Dh came home! We ate and around the kitchen table and everyone said what kind of day they had!!!! This is usually my most favourite part of the weekday where we are all sat together having a conversation!!!! After dinner the girls went to their rooms to do whatever!!! I came on here!!! Dh played his computer games! After about 1 and half BEDTIME!!!!! Aimee first, then Chloe! Dh and myself usually have some time to talk then I go crafting or browsing for a while and DH goes back to his game! Then to bed!!!

Well that is what I done on the first day of Summer!