Friday, 23 November 2007


Chloe had an Orthodontist appointment on Wednesday, after two years of him saying, more teeth need to fall out and the permanent teeth need to come up, she was told that she will be starting treatment! When I went to book the next appointment the receptionist said did we want to start before Christmas!!! I said might as well get it started!!! So she has an appointment next Wednesday for a mould fitting and the Wednesday after she will be getting her retainer to help her jaws in line for the braces!!! Even though she has wanted them, she is a little nervous now of the teasing that she might get!!! I keep telling her it will be worth it in the long run! When she is ready to start to go out (OMG help me!!!!) her teeth will be fixed and she will be able to smile her beautiful smile again. Chloe got very self-conscious because of her teeth and doesn't really like having her photo taken any more!!!

I also had braces so I know most of the pain and how uncomfortable it can!!!! and what a long road it seems when you are soo young! I got mine around the 15 age mark, Chloe is just coming up to her 12th birthday, so hopefully things might move a little quicker for her. I didn't get mine taken out until I was 21, but even then the difference was amazing!!!!

Good luck my beautiful girl!!!!

Love mum!!!