Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy 40th Anniversary Mum and Dad!

We were delighted when Mum and Dad said they would spend Easter with us, and that we would be celebrating their wedding anniversary and ours together! Mum and Dads is today and ours is tomorrow!!!!

I saw a card that Tracey had made in the shop and decided that is how I wanted the card to look like! Unfortunately Tracey had left her stamp at home, but I remembered a stamp that I had, would work just as well! Go here to see Tracey's card.

I first stamped the image, I then stamped the image again on a separate piece of paper! I coloured in the image and then cut out the flower and the buds, which I stuck over the flowers and buds of the first stamped image! I then coloured in the rest of the image!

It was then basically, tearing, distressing, inking, matting and layering!

card is a single fold, but as seeing it was Mum and Dads 40th, I decided to change it into a gate fold, with added ribbons! I trawled the Internet for suitable verses to print out, but when I went to print LAST NIGHT, (typical of me, last minute), my printer decided to take a rest and would not wake up arggghhhhh, so after several attempts at handwriting the verses, had to be neat and readable and also fit into a certain amount of space! And anyone who knows me and my writing I don't do neat, readable or small!!! Looking at the finished card, I think all my hard work paid off as the handwriting gives it that personal feel!

Mum and Dad were delighted with it, got a bit emotional really, as the verses fitted perfectly with the the lives that they have had!!!!

Love ya Mum and Dad

Happy Easter

Will you look at all this!!!!! And Tracey can you spot the "special treat", that had to get pride of place!!!!!

Horrible mum, "No chocolate until after Church" and MY mum saying "go on leave her have a little"!!!! As if, and as if I was allowed on Easter Sunday to have some chocolate before Church!!!!

All dressed up in the pretty dress Mum brought for Aimee, Aimee loved it!!!! Though you wouldn't know in this picture, she was actually finding it hard to smile, due to the sun in her eyes, lol!!!!

much, much better

And lo and behold, I managed to get a few shots of Chloe too!!!!

Yep, chocolate time, and notice she changed her dress so she wouldn't get any chocolate on it, chance would of been a fine thing!!!! Lovely chocolate chops in this one!!!

Poor bunny has lost his head!

And May I wish you all a happy Easter!