Sunday, 16 December 2007

My Birthday Stash!!!!

It was my birthday on Friday 14th December!!!

Had a fab day!!!! As Chloe was at school, (Aimee is still off school) I didn't open any presents until later that evening. Went Christmas shopping - tins of sweets, crackers, selection boxes, some more decorations, that sort of thing!!!

I had a hair appointment at 4:30! When I got there got a mad impulse and told the hairdresser to chop over 6 inches of my hair, layer it and put a fringe back in!!! I am still trying to get used to it!!! I can't tie it up properly and go outside the door, which is a good thing as that is all I used to do with it!!!

When I got home the girls sang happy birthday and gave me my presents, I lots of craft goodies and some vouchers (see photo). I got some more vouchers and a lovely hand made card from Ruth (see photo) and got some more craft goodies from a family member!!!

I went down to Paper Paradise on Saturday and spent some of my vouchers, I have included the items in the photo as they are birthday presents of sorts!!!

For tea we ordered in Chinese and then I had Rhubarb Pie with Vanilla Ice cream for afters!!!

So all in all I had a fantastic day!!!

My Fantastic Birthday Card from Ruth (aka Altered Geisha)