Monday, 7 April 2008

Help with red eye!

I was going through my snow photos and came across this one!!! There is a lot of red eye in the photo and I have tried everything to fix it!!! I admit defeat. Can anyone help me????

LOL, Sorry just thought I would put this up for a laugh!!!! Her eyes are actually two coca cola bottle tops, don't have any coal!!!



LazyKay said...

Thanks for an early morning (for me) laugh! I love it.


Tracey said...

LOl at the red eye, this is a very jaunty looking snowman, thanks for the laugh XXX

Liz Qualman said...

What a great idea to use the caps for eyes. I kind of like the melted effect as we are desperately waiting for Spring and still have snowstorms on the horizon. Where is the sun????

Thanks for stopping by Helena - you are such a sweetie.

altered geisha said...

I don't know about cola he looks like he's been out on the town!


Melissa said...

LOL! You got me! You could actually make it a scrapbook page with the title "Red Eyes!" or something.