Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Workshop Pages Finished

12 July 2007
I just checked into my Blog, and where are my images gone?????? Thank you Tracey for letting me know!!!!!

I have now uploaded them again, hopefully they will not disappear again!!!

Original Post

Well here they are finished. Spent a long time getting them done, Tracey knows exactly how long ;).

Hope you like them, all comments welcome.

The little plaque reads: Time has nothing more beautiful to give than love.
This page will be for Aimee's album. On the back of the tag I have put some journaling for Aimee to read when she is older, on how her big sister could not wait to meet her.

This is my brother and his girlfriend

The tags read top daydreams, bottom beautiful.

The three words across the envelope read: treasure, family, cherish
This my little family on two big occasions for Chloe (Communion) and Aimee (Christening)

This is my husband's niece.
The tag on the folder reads Cherish the tag on the page reads loveliness

This is the little folder opened out the wording reads:
There is loveliness in the world and you are part of it

This is the accordion book opened out the wording on the cover reads:
To hold dear Cherish treat with affection and tenderness

The tags read Happy Journey