Thursday, 19 June 2008

BBC - Animal Time

I know some of you have already seen this post but for the challenge I decided to use it again!

It was posted on the 3rd March 2008!

Here's the story! Most of you knew that we adopted a kitten a few weeks ago and called her Angel! Angel never settled into our family, she wo
uldn't interact with us, stayed on the window sill, or on a chair, and kept trying to get out the door, (she hadn't got her second injection and wasn't spayed so we didn't want to take the risk and let her out just yet) wouldn't let us pet her, or show any affection. She also kept attacking Aimee, would walk by Aimee take a swipe at Aimee or try to bite her, she actually cornered Aimee and wouldn't let her pass!!! Aimee woke up one night terrified and screaming "The cat is going to get me"!!! I was taking rubbish out to the bin when she dashed out the door and over the fence before I knew it!!! To be honest I was relieved that she had gone! But she came back with an injured leg, she couldn't put any weight on it!!! Soft-hearted that I am, I took her back in but rang the RSPCA to ask if they could take her and re-home her!!! They did thankfully, I explained why we couldn't keep her and not to re-home her with a family who has small children. The girls were heartbroken, even Aimee, but I couldn't have her attacking Aimee like that! The RSPCA will ring me in a few days to tell me how she is, and I have a phone number to ring them!

Edited to say when the RSPCA rang me back they said that her leg was fine, and that an old lady who had just lost her cat (she had it for 15 years) toik Angel, and actually kept the name we gave her and they are getting on fine!!! I am happy to hear that she got a good home!!!

DH and I got to talking, well how much more trouble would a puppy be .... you can see how that conversation ended!!!!!

This is Skye an 8 week old West Highland Terrier puppy!

And just a few more for sharing!!!!