Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Paper Bag Book!!

Before I go any further I have to give a huge thanks to Tracey, for letting me lift her book to complete my own, I was only going to take a few bits here and there but I totally ran out of time and more or less totally copied Tracey's book, sorry Tracey!!!!

I made this book for my SIL, Ruth as they are expecting there 2ND baby at the start of January and know that the baby is a boy! I meant to have this book done for Christmas, but I totally ran out of time! Ruth eventually got it a couple of days later! Sorry!!!

I had a roll of Kraft paper (brown wrapping paper) left over from a different challenge, and thought to myself, I should be able to make a paper bag book out of this!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!! Yes it might of saved me money, but no it didn't save my sanity!!!!!

I cut 6 pieces of paper folded them with a lip and used my mini sewing machine, I'm not the best at sewing straight lines, but I think the wonky lines give a bit of character, I then hand stitched down the center to bind it together! After that it was just a case of doing the pages, which I shamefully copied Tracey's design on most of them using my own materials!!!

I left all the tags and pages title free for Ruth to add what ever she wanted to them!!! I think she liked it, and for a first effort I am proud of it!!!

Unfortunately for my relatives they will be receiving a Paper Bag book for presents this year! Hehehe!


If you want to see Tracey's fantastic original book click here!

Altered Box

As I said in my last post, I altered a load of cds to make a book for my Aunt, I then altered a laundry tablet box to put the book into, as it would of been to award to wrap the way it was, so my Aunt can use this box for what ever she wishes and the cd book for a Christmas decoration!


Altered CD's

Some of you may recognise this from one of the entries to Paper Paradise's Crafty Individuals competition!! When I started this book, it was just for the competition, but as I was completing it I thought my Aunt would like it, as she likes traditional!

So when the competition was over I personalised it a little by adding Christmas feeling photos of the girls!

The way I made the book was got a load of old cds/dvds that don't work anymore! To get the straight edge I measured about 1 inch form the edge and drew a pencil line down! The scored it with my craft knife, heated it with my heat gun, removed the heat, and cut with a scissors, they don't crack! Then I covered them with papers! DH bought a normal paper binder in Lidl ages ago for under £20, so while he was at work I tried the cds in it to see if it would punch holes, it did!!! So I don't have to get the new bind it all machine, Hehehe!!! Then I have just inked and embellished!

TFL xxxx