Sunday, 29 June 2008

Lazy Town Photos

For all who don't know Lazy Town is a children's tv show, that has become huge, obviously or they wouldn't be doing a tour!!! Sorry about the u-tubes but thought you might want to see what I have to put up with, lol

But basically Stephanie (the heroine), Sportacus (the hero), Pixel, Ziggy, Stingy and Trixie (the sidekicks) try and outwit Robbie Rotten (Baddie) in the storyline, by been good, healthy, exercising, having good manners, etc!!! The show is actually not that bad, and the morals in the story lines are very good!!!!

Anyways here are the photos!

Doesn't Aimee look cute in her Stephanie baseball cap!!!!

Sorry the photos are so bad, but with no lighting and stage lighting, oh and maybe the fact that I wasn't supposed to be taking photos, and didn't get the time to focus or anything like that, might have something to do with it!!!!!

I don't understand why we couldn't take photos when you can see videos of it on U tube, I think this would actually be my only grip about the show, other than that Aimee loved it and I thought it was a good show!!!!

Oh the poster is arrowed where it has been signed!!!!


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