Sunday, 9 May 2010

Cherry blossom disaster ......

I usually take some photos of the girls under some cheery blossom trees look here, here and here to see past photos.

Anyway the Cherry blossoms that I go to take the photos at, were very late in blossoming, and they didn't look as beautiful as they usually do! The council have recently done some work in the area around the trees and I am wondering if that is what caused them not to blossom as good! On top of that, the morning was beautiful perfect for photo taking, we went to Church and in space of an hour the day had changed! We decided to go for it anyway but didn't turn out so good as the wind picked up and it started to rain, very disappointed. I have been watching the trees and they have now lost most of their flowers, don't think I will get any better this year :(

Anyways here are the photos that I did manage to get, even if there was no beautiful display of blossoms!