Monday, 3 November 2008

Update on Advent Calender

I have painted the house and drawers with Gesso, and now all I have to do is wait for it to dry *sigh*

Look at what I found in Tesco's!

Dh had been in Tesco (supermarket) yesterday early in the day, and saw something that he thought would make a good birthday present for Chloe, so when he came home we went down to Tesco and yes ideal present for Chloe, so while DH was paying for it (can't tell you what as Chloe reads my blog), I wandered around the Christmas aisle and saw this ......

and I also found the little chocolate Santa's that fit perfect into the drawers. Yipeee!!!!!

Ruth had told me last week that she had found a house and was going to make an advent calender from it (I don't know where she got her one from), so when I saw this I thought I am going to copy her and do one myself and at £6.00 it is a bargain and I don't have to get match boxes to do one. Even though I did see this one as I have been blog hopping .....

on Frances blog Franmade, check it out HERE, so I might start saving some matchboxes throughout next year and do one of these for Christmas 09. I have seen some fantastic ones while I have been blog hopping, but I have to say the colours and embellishments on this calender spoke to me
as in "Make me, Make me!", I love it, and my middle name is Noel, lol