Thursday, 20 March 2008

My Easter Card!

While I was on Tracey's blog, I saw her Criss Cross cards, so I decided that I would make my Easter Cards like this! I followed the instructions on this SITE! I had to make 9 cards for a swap, basically my cards are all the same, but the rabbits go from one side to the other I alternated the folds of the cards too!!!! This is what I cam up with!!!

MIL kindly donated the beautiful stamp to me. She is moving back to Georgia, and had to downsize! She allowed SIL and myself to go through all her crafting supplies and divide it out between us!!!! I would of rathered she stayed than to have all this lovely stash!!! Just want to wish her all the happiness that I can in her new adventure!!! Love ya June!!!!!

Okay it might look like the mum rabbit is strangling her son, but honestly she is only doing up the top button on his jacket!!! So I thought rabbit, Sunday Best, Church = Easter along with the bright colours!!! I know its a stretch but I wanted to use the stamp, oh BTW I water coloured the image!

I found this lovely little verse on-line, don't remember where, but I thought I would hand write rather than stamp or print it out, for more of a personal touch!

One thing that I did do different is...........I put a card stand on the back!!!!

I done this by using the scrap triangle that was cut from the front of the card and gluing it on the back, now the cards stand up using their own support! I hope Beate doesn't mind!!!

This is the full collection of cards that I made!


Some more post that brightened up my day!!!!

I received my stash from today!!! How exciting it was to open the package and see all the lovely scrummy stash!!! Must say it was very quick as it was only last Friday that I put the order in!!!! Will be shopping on line again, mmmh better tell hubby to lock up the credit card and only give it to me, if I absolutely must have what I see, lol that will be quite often I think!!!!

What a nice way to brighten up this horrible dreary day, some beautiful Easter Cards and some stash that I wasn't expecting till at least next week!!! Why isn't every day like this, ....sigh!


Some more across the water Easter Cards

Some more fab Easter Cards from my friends on!!!!

Wendy Jo's Card

Beth's Card

BTW thanks for inculding the photos Wendy and Bev, very nice to be able to put faces to names, shame we didn't all think of it!

I have never received so many Easter Cards before, I am so happy I decided to do this swap, my mantlepiece never looked so good! Just hope the ladies are as happy with my ones as I am with theirs!

Will be posting my cards later on tonight or tomorrow!