Monday, 19 May 2008

My Beautiful Girls!!!!


Chloe's Photo Shoot!!!

When Chloe saw the photos that I had taken of Aimee, she wanted some too!!! I didn't react, just said alright if tomorrow is nice we will go!!! Luckily it was and I got some beautiful shots of Chloe!!!! Aimee came too so I got nice shots of both of them as well, see next post!


Aimee's Photo Shoot, LOL

I am going to sooooo bore you with this post!!! LOL I wanted to try out a few different photo techniques while the Cherry Blossoms still had there petals!!!! Aimee was a willing model, Chloe went into teenage mood "I don't want to". So off went Aimee and me to find some Cherry Blossoms at least we didn't have far to go, about 5 mins, lol!!!!! I always get the girls to pose for me, then when I see them getting a little bored I ask them to do some crazy poses for me, they enjoy it and I get some fantastic shots, I then ask them again to pose and just before I am finished I ask them for the crazy shots again, this works for me!!!!!!

I don't want to think what passerbys thought, as I was laid down on the ground for some of the shots with Aimee standing over me!!! Here are some of the results, I took over 200 shots!

The first 2 shots are me over exposing the shots and then editing in PSE!!! I have shown the original shot and then the edited version!

Just the run of the mill poses, but beautiful to me!!!!!

Thanks for been bored and TFL