Friday, 20 March 2009

Paper Envelope Baby Book

Well you have heard of the paper bag book, I have created a Paper Envelope book!!!! lol This is for a colleague at work, whose daughter has recently given birth to a baby girl and wanted something different to give to the other set of Grandparents.

Again inspiration was found on Tracey's blog Running with Scissors
Thanks Tracey soo much for letting me raid your blog!!!!

I used the A4 size of brown envelopes that I bought in Asda, and whole load of supplies that I bought in my LSS, too many to list, but if anyone does want to know what product I used on a page, I will try to find out!!! I am going to show photos from the front to the back and one of the ribbons on the side. Sorry for all the different lighting in the photos I am playing with my light tent and want to see the different light effects I get. So for your viewing pleasure .... I hope ... here is my book ....


Baby Book

As mentioned in the post before a colleague recently became a Grandmother, she has been a fantastic help to me settling into the school and I can go to her and ask her anything and she always helps me out! So I made her this baby book as a gift to her from me.

Lots of inspiration for this project came from Tracey's blog, Running with Scissors, thanks honey!!!

She had given me some photos for the project that I was doing for her to give to the other set of grandparents, I didn't put any photos into that, instead I have put them into her book, I have blurred out the faces as I forgot to ask permission! Most of the pages in the book are matching as it was easier to do it this way.

This photo was taken just before she went into labour and Anne remembered me staying about the hand heart, so she made them do it, and was glad afterwards that she did!