Saturday, 17 April 2010

Gorjuss Girl

Spent a fantastic day at Tracey's.

I managed to get on her scrapbooking class and this was the following layout!!!

Remember the fab photos Steve took of Aimee from my last post, when I saw the papers we were going to be working with, I thought how freaky is that, those photos will go fantastic with these!!! Couldn't wait to get home and see if they did!!! I think they are perfect!

And I was lucky enough to stay on for the crop as well!!!

I picked the new Gorjuss stamps that I got for Mother's day and started to play with them! I finished one girl and placed it on top of the pages that I had just finished, and freaky episode number 2 the Gorguss Girl image that I just coloured went perfect with the papers!!!! I then had the hardest job of all to do, colour her in again exactly the same!!!! Very nearly, but after the 3rd attempt I wasn't going to try anymore!!!

The the task of finding a name for the pages, I think I spent about 2 hours trying different names, and for goodness sake the name was staring me in the face all along, d'oh!!!!!

Thanks Tracey and all you brilliant ladies, for the fantastic day, it is soo good to get together with other crafters and share stories and laughs!!!!