Thursday, 29 November 2007

"Oh Pretty Baby"

I created this layout in an on-line class hosted by Tracey Jackson, this has been one of the easiest layouts that I have had to follow, her instructions and layout are absolutely fantastic, everything works so well together! Thank you Tracey!

The criteria for Tracey's class was to include a hinged photo and a journal block!!! Tracey has very kindly offered a RAK for a page that she will pick!!!

I have also entered this Layout in 4 other challenges!

A Multiple Photo page I have 3 photos!!

Tracey's Flourish Challenge! November Challenge at Paper Paradise Forum!

I have also entered in a
Doodle challenge where you had to doodle on your embellishments, I have doodled on the flourish and flower!

November ABC Embellish Challenge!
This month the letters were P = Photo corners. On two of the photos I have included 4 photo corners
Q = Quotation Marks . "Oh Pretty Baby" I have always loved this song, when I was sorting through the photos to see which ones I was going to use, the song popped into my head! R = Rub ons. The fairy, flowers and butterflies are all rub- ons (transfers).

The word LIFT also has rub on letters!

As always thank you for taking the time to look!!!!
Helena xxx

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Birthday card

This is the card that I made for Georgia!

Really simple card, some stickers, glitter, silk flowers, buttons, rub on letters, strips of paper, a black pen, glue and bazzill bling!

TFL xxx

Georgia's Frame

I made this frame as part of Georgia's birthday present! All going to plan Georgia will be moving to New Zealand next October!!! So I thought this frame and photo would be a nice reminder of her cousins!

I used Sandylion Disney Paper, a plain brown frame, some ribbon, Jo Sonja's Background paint, glitter, flowers, brads and spray mount!
As you can see from the picture I didn't use everything that I originally planned to use!! You know the creative streak just go with it!!! LOL

First of all I took the frame apart. I used Jo Sonja's Paint, to paint over the brown, I painted 3 times, to make sure that the brown wouldn't show!
Next I used a cream acrylic paint, (part of a set I got ages ago, don't know the name) to paint over the top. As I was painting I daubed some glitter (pink, green, blue, purple) into the paint so it would stick as the paint was drying.

I then painted a light layer of Jo Sonja's paint over the whole lot! When the paint got tacky, I used a baby wipe to wipe it off again, which gave it a kinda of faded look! I left all that to settle overnight!

I used some spray mount to attach the paper to the insert, then cut out the middle for the photo!

For the embellishments I used Woodware flower chipboard die cut, which I traced around onto the back of a cereal box and then used the paper that I cut from the middle of the insert to cover it! I also used Papermania Silk Flowers and a Papermaina glitter brad!

For the tag again I used Woodware tag chipboard die cut, and copied what I done on the flower! I inked around the edges of the flower and tag, used a glitter glue on the edges of both!

When the glue had dried I layer the flower up and threaded some ribbon through the tag!
All that was left to do was assemble it all together!!!


When I first tried to glue the paper to the insert, it went on crooked, and when I tried to fix it I tore the paper! Luckily I thought before hand and bought 3 pages!!!! I searched in my stash and found the spray mount, gave that a go and it worked!!!!

When I assembled the frame first I cracked the glass, so I had to go out and buy another frame!!! There was too much paint on the tabs that you fold down at the back, and I put a little too much pressure on the glass!

Again the frame looks a lot nicer IRL!!! The colour of the frame is more of a faded cream then the yellow that it shows here!

Thanks for looking and reading!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Nieces 5th Birthday Party

It was our niece Georgia's 5Th birthday party on Sunday! Lots of pirates and princesses running around! Unfortunately I had my camera on the wrong setting so most of my photos are naff!!!! I did manage to get a good one of Aimee and Georgia together there is only just over 9 months between them!! Sometimes they fight like sisters and at other times the get on like sisters!!! Now that the have gotten over the toddler stage they do get along a lot better!!!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Aimee's Christmas Cards!

Aimee has finished her Christmas cards today! She started last Saturday by painting the tree and star, then last Sunday she added some glue glitter. She decided instead of having blobs like lights around the tree, she started to spread it across the tree with her finger, I gave her one of my old plastic saving cards to spread the glitter instead!! Today I put 3d foam tape on the back, she peeled it off and stuck down the tree, some might be crooked (oh how I had to hold myself back not to fix and put them straight) but they are all Aimee's own work!!! She also added a Happy Christmas peel off, again a little out of line, but hey who cares these are done by a 4 year old, and she has done a brilliant job in my opinion even though its bias!

Friday, 23 November 2007


Chloe had an Orthodontist appointment on Wednesday, after two years of him saying, more teeth need to fall out and the permanent teeth need to come up, she was told that she will be starting treatment! When I went to book the next appointment the receptionist said did we want to start before Christmas!!! I said might as well get it started!!! So she has an appointment next Wednesday for a mould fitting and the Wednesday after she will be getting her retainer to help her jaws in line for the braces!!! Even though she has wanted them, she is a little nervous now of the teasing that she might get!!! I keep telling her it will be worth it in the long run! When she is ready to start to go out (OMG help me!!!!) her teeth will be fixed and she will be able to smile her beautiful smile again. Chloe got very self-conscious because of her teeth and doesn't really like having her photo taken any more!!!

I also had braces so I know most of the pain and how uncomfortable it can!!!! and what a long road it seems when you are soo young! I got mine around the 15 age mark, Chloe is just coming up to her 12th birthday, so hopefully things might move a little quicker for her. I didn't get mine taken out until I was 21, but even then the difference was amazing!!!!

Good luck my beautiful girl!!!!

Love mum!!!

Friday, 16 November 2007

I Got Published!!!!!

Got my latest edition of Scrapbook Inspirations (SBI) today!

My Grandad George Layout featured in the readers gallery.

I sent a jpeg of the layout months ago! I received an e-mail back saying to send the original layout in, but that it mightn't be included due to space issues! I wasn't gonna hold my breath! So I got a surprise when I flicked through the mag to the reader gallery section in the shop (as I had been doing over the last few months hehehe!) and I saw my layout featured!

Some of you might of seen the layout posted on here before, but one of the rules was that the layout couldn't be featured anywhere else until I got the original layout back! I had to take the image down from all over the place, where I posted it! Phew!

They still have my layout, they will be sending it back to me in a few weeks, I can't find the photo of the layout that I took, so when I receive it back I will re-take the photo and post it up!!! TFL xxxx

Proud Mummy Moment!

Chloe started high school in September! The children were put into 3 different groups! Over the last few weeks all the children have been taking exams to see which group will be their group for the rest of the year! The groups are 7A, 7B, 7C. They are worked out by the abilites of the children, so if Chloe was brilliant at English she would be in 7A for the rest of the year, but if she was poor in Science she would be put into 7C. I think these groups are a good idea, the children that are doing brilliantly in a subject won't get bored and frustrated if they are been held back by the teacher going slower so all the class can keep up, and vice a versa if a child is poor in a subject they won't get left behind!

So Chloe came home this evening with the brilliant news that she is in group 7A for all her subjects!

I am just soooo proud of her, as she was worried that she wasn't keeping up!

Love ya Chloe!!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

A Cold and Frosty Morning!

Our first frost of 2007!!!
Woke up to a beautiful frosty morning! Just right for getting wrapped up and taking a walk! Unfortunately had to get Chloe to her bus and Aimee and me to school! It would of been nice to go to some woods and enjoy the morning before it becomes really cold! Still managed to take some photos! Just thought I would share them!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Saturday 10th November!

When we went to our supermarket Asda, they were holding a promotion for the Jungle Book coming out on DVD, they had a free colouring competition and free face painting, after about an hours wait the results were fantastic! This lady took her time and doesn't it show, I have been through quite a lot of face painters and I must say this lady was the best that I have ever seen!

AMAZING OR WHAT Aimee actually went for something pretty!!! Even though she was deciding between a tiger (again), lion or butterflies! I am so happy that she chose butterflies!!!!

I loved watching this lady work, whether is was a skeleton, fireworks, flowers, rabbit, little butterflies running up the side of their faces intermingled with flowers, she took her time! A really talented lady! It made my girls day!