Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A lot of hard work ....

Wouldn't this photo break your heart, lol!!!

Aimee hasn't really ever shown an interest in cycling until this year! She really wanted to cycle without stabilizers and get a big girls bike! We were going to get her a 2nd hand bike to start her off with, as there were bound to be a lot of falls and bangs, but we saw this at Asda direct down from £50 to £25, which is what we were going to pay anyways!

So she started at home and she got her balance and cycled for a little bit, so we decided to take her to a park nearby which has lovely, flat, long footpaths! But after a little while she wasn't getting anywhere quick and she got angry with herself and us! The above photo was the result!

After much egging on from Steve and me, the following photos are the result ...

All worth while I say, she now cycles around our front all the time!

While at the park saw some pretty little flowers!