Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Georgia's Frame

I made this frame as part of Georgia's birthday present! All going to plan Georgia will be moving to New Zealand next October!!! So I thought this frame and photo would be a nice reminder of her cousins!

I used Sandylion Disney Paper, a plain brown frame, some ribbon, Jo Sonja's Background paint, glitter, flowers, brads and spray mount!
As you can see from the picture I didn't use everything that I originally planned to use!! You know the creative streak just go with it!!! LOL

First of all I took the frame apart. I used Jo Sonja's Paint, to paint over the brown, I painted 3 times, to make sure that the brown wouldn't show!
Next I used a cream acrylic paint, (part of a set I got ages ago, don't know the name) to paint over the top. As I was painting I daubed some glitter (pink, green, blue, purple) into the paint so it would stick as the paint was drying.

I then painted a light layer of Jo Sonja's paint over the whole lot! When the paint got tacky, I used a baby wipe to wipe it off again, which gave it a kinda of faded look! I left all that to settle overnight!

I used some spray mount to attach the paper to the insert, then cut out the middle for the photo!

For the embellishments I used Woodware flower chipboard die cut, which I traced around onto the back of a cereal box and then used the paper that I cut from the middle of the insert to cover it! I also used Papermania Silk Flowers and a Papermaina glitter brad!

For the tag again I used Woodware tag chipboard die cut, and copied what I done on the flower! I inked around the edges of the flower and tag, used a glitter glue on the edges of both!

When the glue had dried I layer the flower up and threaded some ribbon through the tag!
All that was left to do was assemble it all together!!!


When I first tried to glue the paper to the insert, it went on crooked, and when I tried to fix it I tore the paper! Luckily I thought before hand and bought 3 pages!!!! I searched in my stash and found the spray mount, gave that a go and it worked!!!!

When I assembled the frame first I cracked the glass, so I had to go out and buy another frame!!! There was too much paint on the tabs that you fold down at the back, and I put a little too much pressure on the glass!

Again the frame looks a lot nicer IRL!!! The colour of the frame is more of a faded cream then the yellow that it shows here!

Thanks for looking and reading!

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Anonymous said...

Being the lucky recipients mother I can comment on her behalf. The frame is beautiful and such a clever use of what I think is an awkward paper to try and scrap with, as you wouldn't want to cover up the castle but the rest of the space just floats around.
I love our new tradition of making each other a hand crafted item for birthdays because they will last so much longer than any of the presents.
And hopefully we will still be able to post them from the other side of the world!

Thanks again for the memories.
Love Ruth