Friday, 22 February 2008

OOPS! I forgot to post photos of Pancake Day!!!

In our house DH makes the pancakes, this year he had two helpers! Both girls mixed the batter, Chloe poured it into the pan, both girls had a go at flipping!!! Chloe has the knack for it, by the end she was able to flip it very high and catch it, Aimee got help from her Daddy!!! Aimee tried the pancakes but doesn't like them yet, Dh and I have sugar and lemon juice, Chloe has honey!!!

Luckily there was nothing else in the jug, when the shell went in. This egg was thrown in the bin and the jug washed out!!! Just thought the capture of the egg breaking in Aimee's hand was a good shot!!!!


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altered geisha said...

These phoyos are great, they really capture the action, I can almost smell the pancakes. You look like you had fun!!