Friday, 22 February 2008

Aimee's Layouts

Over the mid term Aimee completed 3 layouts, these are all done in 8x8! I don't help Aimee, all I do is put the words in the right order for her to glue down! I think at 4 years old her pages ROCK!!!

I have to try so hard not to butt in and try and take over as you can see she has a style all of her own, and when she has enough of creating she says "That's it mum, I am going to play with my toys now".

These are the layouts she completed this mid term!

She only wanted to do one page, the last time she had a go, and this is her first page!!!

Hopefully she will come to me and ask when she can do a page, as she did this mid term, while she was watching me make mine!!!!

Love Ya Babes!!!!


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