Friday, 22 February 2008

First BOM page completed!!!

I was asked to join a group of 12 fantastic ladies, Critique Group #3 on, The idea behind the group is to help you get creative, think outside the box, encourage you, become friends, join in on swaps and most of all have fun!

This month we were to create a BOM page and a scraplift from Sherrise's Gallery, which shows her fantastic layouts.

The scraplift not a problem, the BOM page, YIKES!!!! I have never completed a BOM page!
So I had the page I wanted to scraplift "
Oh how things change " picked out, so I picked out two of the very few photos of me as a baby. I completed the layout on 8x8, as I thought it wouldn't be so daunting, and as they are baby photos, I actually didn't mind creating the layout, this will be a different story as I have to scrap grown up and more recent photos of me!!!!!!

Anywayss here it is!


1 comment:

altered geisha said...

Its about time you scrapped some photos of yourself!
By the way I haven't got a clue what BOM means?