Thursday, 6 March 2008

Look what I got!!!!

I can't play with it until the weekend!!! I got it yesterday, but had some things to do for the actual school!!! They have also asked me to help out tomorrow as well, by the time I have dinner sorted, washed put away, catching up on comments, I am just too tired!!!! Roll on tomorrow night is all I say!!!!!

Probably won't see me for the weekend now, lol!!!

Will post what I managed to do!!!


altered geisha said...

Was this a mothers day pressie?

OK I know green is my favourite colour but why is my face turning green!!

Good luck with learning the technical side of it, you'll master it in no time.

Tracey said...

Woooohoooooooo how wonderful, ENJOY - you deserve it honey, have a wonderful weekend XXX

LazyKay said...

Oh, lucky you BUT I'll be green too if you master it before I suss mine out as I'm still wrestling with it.


Melissa said...

*So incredibly jealous.*

Enjoy! :)

micayla said...

OOOH lucky you!