Monday, 31 March 2008

A proud Mummy Moment!

Chloe came home from school on 21 March with a certificate to say that she had been awarded 850 points!!! Chloe and another girl in her whole year were the only 2 to receive an award and a certificate!!!

The kids are awarded points through out every day for dress code, homework, politness, etc at the end of every week they are all added up and their form turtor takes note of them, then at the end of every term the children with the most points are given awards and certificates, this also means that they can go on outings the school provide, like bowling for an afternoon!!!



Tracey said...

wow !!!!! well done Chloe, this is a great achievement XXX

LazyKay said...

Well done Chloe! You must have worked hard to deserve this.