Monday, 25 February 2008

Paper Paradise Challenge

on the PaperParadise Forum, set this skectch challenge for us.

This sketch is by Becky Fleck
In the challenge we had to use

Embossing (heat or dry embossing - doesn't matter)
The colour green (but not exclusively)
A Celtic element (design, lettering anything Celtic)

I heat embossed the Celtic Knot design on the bottom of the page, the flower and the lettering in the title!

As you can see the journaling block is green the lettering is green and I have used Green in the flower!

I found an image of a Celtic Knot, traced it onto the back of cardstock and then cut it out!!! The hardest bit was filling in the lines!!!!!!

The journaling reads:
God made us cousins, because he knew our mums couldn't handle us as sisters!!! - Ruth will get the full meaning of this! I know the girls look the best of friends in these photos, but they so fight like sisters sometimes. It was worse when they were toddlers, now with both of them at school they get a long brilliantly, obviously they have their moments, but usually if you ignore them they sort themselves out and are back been the best of friends again in 5 mins!!!!!

I think I took over 20 photos of this layout and I still can't get a decent photo of the layout!!! It looks so much better IRL!!!!

I am also entering it into a multi-pic challenge!



LazyKay said...

WOW you've filled the brief perfectly and I haven't even finished mine yet - shame on me.

I LOVE that celtic border and how neatly you've done it.

Great journalling! A lovely page.


altered geisha said...

What a lovely page, that hand cut border must have taken ages!!

I had to laugh at the journelling, I might not be able to handle it but Georgia would love a sister as long as she was the same age, didn't touch her toys, didn't mind being bossed around and always let Georgia make up the rules to the games. Its a good job Aimee can stand up for herself now she is older!!