Monday, 25 February 2008

We've Been Simpsonized!

Have you ever wondered what we would look like as characters on The Simpsons? Never? Not even once?

D'oh! Well, anyway, we would look like this:

Meet the Philipsons Click on the photo to get the photo to see us better!!!!!
I think they have captured us quite well, what do you think, LOL

I used this photo to edit and place the Philipsons into!!!  Didn't spend a lot of time doing it, so it dosn't look as good as it should, WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!

This is such a fun site it's called Simpsonize Me. (click on the name to get there). You just follow the instructions, you can change hairstyles, mouths, noses, clothes, body type, etc and you can save up to 10 characters at a time, so your whole family could be Simpsonized!!!!!


1 comment:

LazyKay said...

I'd have recognised you anywhere Helena & co! (LOL)