Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Spot the difference!!!!

First photo:
This is a daffodil that Chloe grew in school and brought home when the broke up for Easter in 2005!!! I planted it out in a flower box, and it comes back every year!!! This is a photo of it that I took earlier in the month!!!

But what is this???? I think it's an Iris, I didn't plant it, and I know they only planted daffs at school!!! The flower fairies must be at work!!! What a lovely surprise, cause I didn't even notice that it was growing. Just a few more of shots of my mystery plant!!!!



Melissa said...

A lot of times, that's courtesy of squirrels or chipmunks or some other lovely little being that digs up bulbs in one location and buries them in another.

Gorgeous photos! :)

LazyKay said...

What a lovely surprise! A spring gift for you and great pic too.