Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Altered CD's

Some of you may recognise this from one of the entries to Paper Paradise's Crafty Individuals competition!! When I started this book, it was just for the competition, but as I was completing it I thought my Aunt would like it, as she likes traditional!

So when the competition was over I personalised it a little by adding Christmas feeling photos of the girls!

The way I made the book was got a load of old cds/dvds that don't work anymore! To get the straight edge I measured about 1 inch form the edge and drew a pencil line down! The scored it with my craft knife, heated it with my heat gun, removed the heat, and cut with a scissors, they don't crack! Then I covered them with papers! DH bought a normal paper binder in Lidl ages ago for under £20, so while he was at work I tried the cds in it to see if it would punch holes, it did!!! So I don't have to get the new bind it all machine, Hehehe!!! Then I have just inked and embellished!

TFL xxxx

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