Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sympathy Card

One of Steve's past friends died recently! Steve asked me to make a sympathy card for him to send to his wife!!! I got into a little bit of a state as I didn't have a stamp that would do! So I decided to wait until I went to Running With Scissors crop! Lorraine came to my rescue and lent me this beautiful Lily stamp!

The stamp originally had a boarder going around the outside, but I didn't like it so I cropped in close to the flower! I like sympathy cards to be very simple! So a little embossing, matting and layering and some ribbon! The patterned paper has very faint flowers on it!


Card base - Running with Scissors
Embossing powder - Running with Scissors
Patterned paper - given to me by Tracey ages ago, thanks!
Stamp - oops - can't remember - but lent to me by Lorraine, thanks so much!!!!
Ribbon - Running with Scissors


lorraine said...

This card is beautiful, I also think sympathy cards are difficult, and have only made 1 using the same stamp. xxx

ladyjanet_56 said...

How sad to make a sympathy card, it looks lovely & yes they should be simple.

Anne said...

Hi Helena: My mum has asked me to make sympathy cards for her and I'm always struggling to find something suitable and simple, which as you say, is the best thing. You've got it just right with this card which is lovely. I think I may be asking Lorraine to borrow the stamp too! xxx