Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spring has sprung at long last .....

I took the following 2 photos a few weeks ago ....

mmmh think I need to do some weeding *blush*

The following planter is an old water feature that a neighbour was leaving out for the bin men, I rescued it but asked before hand and she kindly offered me the pump to go with it, I said oh no I just want the tub, she looked at me very strangely, I told her I wanted to put plants in there, lol I have an idea in my head that I will have seasonal flowers in the smaller plant places and my lilies which seem to bloom forever behind them, well that is the idea! Between Skye and I they don't stand much of a chance!

I have also some lilies planted in there too, in the bigger area, hopefully Skye hasn't destroyed them, she likes to jump into it, arggghhh!!!!

I went out this morning and saw that my crocuses had started to bloom!!! It is the first time that I have planted spring flowers, fingers crossed Skye will leave them alone!!!!


downrightcrafty said...

I would not worry about the weeding it has been far to cold, but isn't it nice to see the flowers stirring. My hubby today informed me I had one crocus out, obviously I did not believe him until he showed it to me. Fingers crossed the cold mornings will disappear and we will move swiftly through the spring with no more snow.
Hugs Kate x

ladyjanet_56 said...

thats avery nice recycled tub & the pump sets it off a treat, my tulips are on their way now too