Sunday, 31 August 2008

BBC2 - Funny Vacation Story!

We are just back from our camping trip!
We really enjoyed it even though ....

It rained 3 days out of the 5, we were covered in mud, our airbed had a leak and we couldn't fix it as the ground was to wet to bring it out of the tent to find the leak, so we pumped it up every night but by morning we might as well of been sleeping on the ground! Skye changed colour from white to muddy brown! We were running out of clothes!!! Chloe and me rode the biggest roller coaster to date! We got the video, all 40secs of it!!! Which is sooo funny, will try to convert it to U-tube so I can post it here!!!

We had a lot of laughs, some fantastic days out even in the rain!!!!

I will be posting pics in a few days time, as I have a lot of editing to do!!!!


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LazyKay said...

You're braver than I am going on a ride like that!