Sunday, 31 August 2008

BBC2 - Goodbye!

Again this time has been such fun!!! Thanks to all that played and took the time to comment on my blog! Thanks to Jean who organised it so fantastically the hints were fab!!!!

I will NOT be playing next time, and I am sticking to my word this time, as I go back to college on the 9Th of September and as it is the next level up, I will have more course work to do!!!!

It was really nice meeting you all, and I will keep you in my blog lines account and pop into you every now and then!!!



splummer said...

Hey, it's been nice chatting with you also. Good luck on the school classes. Take Care!!

Tracey said...

Well I for one have no idea how you managed to keep up with this challenge, but good on you - you have a lot of staying power, I'm glad you enjoyed it, good luck next term XXX