Saturday, 30 August 2008

Camping Day 3 - 23 August

Today we decided to travel on the North Yorkshire Railway. This track was used in the Harry Potter Movies for when Harry was travelling to Hogwarth's Castle, they brought in a different train for the actual movie, but you will see from my photos further down that the trains we were on are very similar.

Where we caught the train is called Goathland, this station was used for Hogsmeade station in the movie. We travelled up and down the lines for the afternoon, we got a family day rover ticket which meant that we could get off and on as many times as we wanted.

Goathland is also the village that they use to film Heartbeat, click here to see some of the tv series shots.

When we had finished on the trains and seeing all the villages we decided to head to Whitby for some fish and chips for tea. As we were walking down the pier, the Bark Endeavour ship was calling for people to go view the sunset from the boat. This boat looks like a pirate ship, and last year Aimee really wanted to go on it but we picked a different boat instead. We decided to go on it! It was fab the sunset wasn't great but the trip was fun. It was a great way to finish off the day.

BTW "An authentic replica of HMS Endeavour which was sailed by Captain James Cook during his scientific expedition of 1978 has been traditionally built by Whitby craftsmen and stands in the water some 40% of the original ship's size, and is called the Bark Endeavour" Click here to see more.

Finally some photos of our day. Which there are quite a few, so you have been warned!

Goathland/Hogsmeade Station/Aidensfield

This is one of the cars that they use to film Heartbeat which is a TV series set in the 60's

This is the garage that they use in Heartbeat, as you can see the owners have left it as it is shown in the series.

This pub gets taken over and becomes the Aidensfield Arms.

Goathland station or to Harry Potter fan's Hogsmeade station. I found these few images on the net with Hagrid standing on the station as the train pulls out.

Didn't get the exact same shots, but can you see???? This is especially for Suzanne!!!!!

One of the villages where the train stops

Playing pooh sticks off a bridge in Grosmont

These are a few photos that I took while the train was moving.

These were taken in Goathland Ladies Waiting Room (Ladies toilets), and around the station, just wanted to play around with some colourization, think I will have to keep playing.

Some scenery shots taken from the train.

Our campsite and our tent!!!!


The Bark Endeavour, the ship we sailed on!

Charming, lol!

Whitby Abbey as seen from the bay.

The captain kindally took this shot for us.

I took over 10 shots to try and get a photo of the Jolly Rodger!!!!

The sunset was not as dramatic as we hoped!

I like this shot that Steve took of us

And I love this shot of Aimee looking up at the flag.

And if you have made it this far you must be a glutten for pushinment!
PS Steve took some of the photos, just a very few, lol



LAURA said...

Absolutely amazing photos and what a gorgeous countryside. I wish America were as beautiful as that.

Melissa said...

Wow! What amazing photos! You are so lucky to be able to see such wonderful things! :)

desilu3131 said...

Helena, the Goathland station pics are so neat...I'm a HP fan too, lol! Actually I've enjoyed looking at them all, I especially like the one of the family on the boat! What the heck is pooh sticks?

LazyKay said...

BRILLIANT pictures.

I particularly like the one of the four of you taken by the captain, the ones of the girls on the train looking out of the windows and the one of Aimee looking up.

That's not to say I don't like the rest, just that those were my favourites.


Annie217 said...

Lovely photos! I'm particularly fond of the "Hogsmeade Station" ones as I'm a die-hard Harry Potter fan. It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Take care.

Tracey said...

Wow what awesome photos lol, joking aside, these shots are great hon, it is funny how you know these places exist but as they become familiar on the telly it becomes stranger when you do see them IRL IYKWIM, you captured all these landmarks so beautifully TFS XXX