Monday, 2 June 2008

Disney Fairies overload!!!!

I have a taken some photos of Aimee's room walls, but I have edited them to be one big photo than a lot of smaller ones!!! The fairy stickers are on the walls that don't have wallpaper or the wardrobe (obviously, lol). They are about chest high on me, I have tried to keep them in a wavy line the same height as the lighter panels in the wardrobe!

This is the wardrobe, I will have to ask DH if I can borrow his wide angle lenses and then I might be able to get a good shot of it! The wardrobe is floor to ceiling and has sliding doors! We don't have any shelves or clothes rails in yet, soon!!! LOL



TanishaRenee said...

I'm working on my son's room, too- it's such a job!

Sarah said...

Oh the faeries are soo cute! My DD has Disney Princesses all around her room!

altered geisha said...

Let me know when you do a LO and I'll give you a Disney Chipboard Fairy for it!!

By the way all that hard work has paid off it's looking lovely!!