Saturday, 31 May 2008

A new room!!!

Aimee's room is a box room, she had a bed, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe and you could barley swing a cat!!!!

We decided to knock 2 cupboards and open them into Aimee's room. I cupboard was in Aimee's room and was useless as you couldn't open it fully so things just got thrown in there. The other cupboard was reached by the hallway!!! Steve made a fantastic job of knocking the walls down, moving a radiator, wallpapering, painting, putting down carpet extra!!!!!!

At the moment we don't have the wardrobe in!!! But we banned Aimee from looking at her room when we began wallpapering. She hasn't seen her room in 3/4 days. I am saying now AIMEE PICKED OUT THE WALLPAPER AND PAINT COLOUR..... NOT ME!!!!!

We also got her matching duvet set, curtains, wall stickers and light shade withour her knowing!!! I took some photos of her coming in to the room and she was for the first time speechless and all she could say was WOW!!!!!

Once we get the wardrobes done, I will post more pics!!!!

First Decoration

2ND Decoration

As it is now!

I think she likes!!!!



mse006 said...

hey tinkerbell rocks!! I think she did a great job for picking it out by herself!

Me said...

Way cute! and she's doll.

micayla said...

I agree, it does look like she loves it! Bless her, she is so cute!

Sarah said...

She's a cutie!! I would say she loves it...Great job Mom!

Angela V. said...

How great! We did our kids rooms not too long ago and they just loved getting a new space! She looks so happy!

Tracey said...

Awww you and Steve have done a beautiful job, the room is gorgeous and the look on Aimees face just says it all XXX