Sunday, 18 May 2008

May Colour Challenge Part 2

I am entering this one in the Colour challenge too, as we can enter 2 one in each section!!!

SIL's recent page was the idea that I had in my head, she got there first, lol!!! I still wanted to use a lot of ribbons, so I changed my background to the other way round black on white instead of white on black and where AG has used staples I have used brads, I also used smaller width ribbons, and have made mine a more circular page.

I have used 89 brads and 89 pieces of ribbon!!! The ribbons were from DH's Mum (thanks!!), American Crafts Down Town Ribbon. The brads I couldn't tell who made them, I have had most of them for ages, and stored them by colour instead of brand name, lol!!!! I have used the Inkadinkado stamps again, they are so easy to work with and I love the distressed look I got on this page! I have used Jo Sonja's Brilliant Magenta paint! The title letters, I have with ages, which came free with Scrapbook Inspirations ages and ages ago! White and Black Bazzill.

This page is to say how proud I am of Chloe, she recently went through what every woman goes through and was fantastic about it!!! I was always going to scrap this photo in B&W as Chloe wasn't feeling too good and she was a good sport at letting me take the photo! (She still is embarrassed about it, poor love, and asked me not to say anything to anyone, so this is why I am talking in code and for once not sharing my journaling!).



LazyKay said...

What a beautiful page and a good way to celebrate a rite of passage for your daughter.

I love the circle of ribbons - sort of representing the circle of life.

Women were held in awe because of this in some cultures and there are often ceremonies and celebrations.

............ such as the Navajo ritual KinaaldĂ‚‡, provide another aspect of honoring womanhood. It is considered one of their most important religious rites. In an elaborate ritual of five days and nights, the girl “becomes” Changing Woman, the most important Navajo deity. The underlying belief is that each time a woman is initiated, the world is saved from chaos through the renewal of women’s creativity .........


altered geisha said...

Oh wow!! Your LO is loads nicer than mine!!

I love the subtlety to the title!!

I used those letters years ago and spelt blossoming!! Basically because there weren't enough vowels in the pack for anything else!!

Chloe' is growing up so fast It doesn't seem 5 minutes since she was feeding the dog biscuits one at a time and he was bigger than her!!