Saturday, 10 November 2007

Saturday 10th November!

When we went to our supermarket Asda, they were holding a promotion for the Jungle Book coming out on DVD, they had a free colouring competition and free face painting, after about an hours wait the results were fantastic! This lady took her time and doesn't it show, I have been through quite a lot of face painters and I must say this lady was the best that I have ever seen!

AMAZING OR WHAT Aimee actually went for something pretty!!! Even though she was deciding between a tiger (again), lion or butterflies! I am so happy that she chose butterflies!!!!

I loved watching this lady work, whether is was a skeleton, fireworks, flowers, rabbit, little butterflies running up the side of their faces intermingled with flowers, she took her time! A really talented lady! It made my girls day!


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling the comment didn't work, so am repeating it.
The lady is very talented and I bet it was worth the wait. I reckon you couldn't wait to get home and photograpgh the girls before they smudged them.
Georgia thinks they are lovely too !!
Love Ruth and Georgia

LazyKay said...

Amazing art work but then of course her 'canvasses' were amazing too. Great pics.


Tracey said...

DITTO what Lazykay said !!!