Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Running with Scissors Catch Up!

We have a winner for the captured image challenge!  To see the orginal post go here!  Voting took place in Running with Scissors Shop.  The winner was drawn in front of about 4 customers as witnessess on Monday.  We got some fantastic jars entered.  The jars were a pain to photograph, all the different shapes, so I am sorry if my photos don't do your jars justice.  I am not going to put a lot of writing as this post will be long enough, but if you go to RWS gallery you can see some more!



 Janet - sorry about the photos, but it was really hard to photograph

And finally here is our winner Nicki!!! Congradulations, your jar is truly a master piece!


Anne said...

Wow! There were some great entries Helena and your photos show them really well - especially the colours. I love all the different ideas people have come up with and the winning entry from Nicky was a masterpiece! xxx

LazyKay said...

So cute!