Sunday, 15 November 2009

Tracey's Class!

I had a fantastic day at Running With Scissors on Saturday, I managed to stay the whole day for Tracey's class and the crop! The class was such a laugh and the papers we were using were divine, beautiful Bo Bunny! When I saw the papers immediately two photos came to my mind! Tracey printed her photos black and white, I went for sepia! You can see Tracey's pages on her personal blog here!

These photos are so special to me, first of all these are the last photos taken of my Nan before she died (RIP Nan) and these are the only photos of Nan holding Aimee, and I have mentioned before there was a special bond between Aimee and Nan!

"Quote from an earlier blog post, relates to the second page "Love"

This is my Nan and Aimee! Aimee is just over a month old!!! Wasn't she a pudgy little thing!!! The sad part about this photo is that we lost my Nan in the May of the next year!!! Anyone who really knows me, knows that I absolutely adored my Nan, would do anything for her, even though she always gave me a hard time, but that was the banter between the two of us, and no one else really understood it!!!! Their was also a special bond between Aimee and Nan! On the last day that we saw Nan, she was in bed and I put Aimee down beside her (Aimee was 8 mths old by then) and Aimee just snuggled up to Nan and kept smiling at her!! It was beautiful to see and for once in my life I didn't have a camera with me!!!! The freaky thing is Aimee will often start crying and I will ask her what is wrong and she will say "I miss my Nana Peggy (this was Chloe's name for my Nan). This totally freaks me out as I will question her, as she has grandparents in Ireland, America and England, but no it is my Nan she is speaking about!!!! How is that as Aimee was tiny when she last saw her!!!! I have that necklace that my Nan is wearing, it was given to me by my Aunt, Nan had it on when she passed away and I shall be passing it down to Aimee when she is old enough!!!! Well I had better stop as I am welling up as it is!!!!

As for the crop, ahem ... I stamped a few images, and then got too caught up on a project that a little girl called Chantalle was making with her dad for school, I must say for someone, especially a little girl, who has never done crafting before she was amazing and her book is going to be stunning!!! Tracey you have to remember to take photos of it when she finishes it! Again thanks to Tracey for putting up with me and to Nicky for leaving "borrow" some of her stamps, lol!!!! I will drop mine down next Saturday and you are more than welcome to stamp up some images!



Paulien van den Bosch said...

Oh wow..... What a beautiful pages these are!!!!!

LazyKay said...

What gorgeous keepsake pages - I can imagine how special these are to you as my Grandma was very special to me too.


Tracey said...

AWww thanks for coming it was a real pleasure - we all had a lovely day, I felt a little like I was teaching picasso to paint as you are already so fantastic at scrapbooking bt I am glad you enjoyed the class, thanks for your help in the afternoon and I love the photos you chose, I remember seeing these before and you telling me how special they were so I understand how honored I am to have them gracing these pages XXX