Sunday, 15 November 2009

Guitar Mini Book!

I have made the following guitar Mini Book for Georgia (our Niece) who is turning 7 next week! She adores Hannah Montana, so I thought I would make a mini book to keep all her favourite photos of her Hannah memories in (maybe mum would help with this)! I had some photos of Georgia when she came for a sleepover with Aimee and I took them to see the Hannah Montana movie the next day, and the rest I have "borrowed" from Ruth's blog. I drew two guitar shapes onto some chipboard for the cover of the book and covered it with some Bazzill cardstock, I have had the purple coloured sheets of papers for forever, they are too gaudy for a 12 x 12 layout, but cut up like this with photos and embellishments they look okay! All the pages are cut from Bazzill cardstock. Some of the flowers I have made myself and added some generous helpings of stickles! All the photos have gotten edited in photo shop with added digital frames as I thought layering them up with actual cardstock would make the pages too bulky! The journaling is printed onto white Bazzill cardstock and cut out! I added some eyelets to keep the top of the guitar from ripping (hopefully). I have left the blank pages fairly simple, as I had no more photos to add in! I made the name chain, by added lots of beads and charms. I also added a bright pink ribbon to represent a guitar strap! I think that is about it, any questions contact me and I will only be too happy to help you! I was sooo sick of drawing and cutting out guitar shapes, but will be doing it again in a few weeks due to Aimee asking me to make one for her, oh why, oh why do I leave myself open .....

Click on the photos to get a larger image ....

and yes I know I have spelt movie wrong in the next photo, it is now corrected!

Some close ups of some of the details, on this page I stickled all the veins of the leaves and flowers to add a little more to the page!

My hand made flower, stickled to death!

Of the chain hanging from the top of the guitar!



Paulien van den Bosch said...

This album is rocking away!!!!!!!
So cute!!! and full of wonderful details!!! love it.

LazyKay said...

What a great idea and wow what a lot of work you put into it.

I'm sure it will be a treasure for her.


Tracey said...

Well I have had the benefit of seeing this close up and personal and can vouch for how fab it really is - so much work and attention to detail, hope all your hardwork is appreciated XXX

Anonymous said...

WOW Helena, what a lot of work you've put into this and its so pretty anf funky, sure Georgia will love it and cherish it.